Good guy or bad? Which do you choose?

Games that give me the choice and freedom to decide how I want my characters to act and respond are probably some of my favourite. Mass Effect, The Witcher, and all Telltale games to name a few. Now I know that a lot of the time this sense of control doesn't always amount to much... Continue Reading →

Agony: Violence For Violence’s Sake?

First off I’d like to start this by saying I haven’t played this game so this isn’t a review about whether the game is good or bad, it could be the best game in the whole world, it could be the worst. What struck me most about this game is how much media coverage it... Continue Reading →

4 Video Games That Have Influenced Me

A while back the hashtag #GameStruck4 began trending on Twitter and people are still commenting on it today. Despite thinking long and hard about it, it’s taken me a while to settle on the games that I feel have truly influenced me over the years (hence the mega delay in writing anything about it!) I... Continue Reading →

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